Monday, July 30, 2012

The Beginning. Let's save our world.


My name is Eric Matthew Pedregon, and I am a High School Graduate.


 Throughout my years, I have experienced many things that have changed me. That have changed me to believe that the world is more ill than healthy. To believe that the people in this world are not what they seem in the media. That they are more negative, hateful, ignorant, etc. In certain areas of the world have negative environments, which effect the people in it. In those particular negative environments.. people get negative. However the outcome can vary. For example.. living in a negative environment can turn someone into a terrorist, or just a negative person. However for me, it turns you into someone who wants to change society for the better.  I have moved a lot throughout my young life, and everywhere I go I have met people.. my age, that have showed hate.

 Sadly, all the girls that I know.. most of them, have been sexually harassed, molested, and even raped. That is something that is not just wrong, but disgusting. They may live normal lives now, but once they were forced to do something that they never wanted to do. That is one problem that happens everyday, and more often than you think. It's sad, that we teach young people to not get raped, instead of not doing that vile act itself.

I want to make a plan to change society. 
I want to show people all over the world that we can change our world..
to be more peaceful, and to be more respectful of others regardless of different opinions, ethnicity, race, skin color, or anything that is different.


I am eighteen years old right now. I may be young, but I want to fight to change
society for the better. If you agree with what I have to say.. please, do the same. Start your own blog, share
your positive thoughts, and help others who need it.


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